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Frequently Asked Question
You can find the answers to frequently asked questions by our customers below..
How does the process of receiving a product offer work?
Our customers must get the technical information of the product they need and get a quote.

To get an offer; Along with the necessary technical information, the customer's company information, address, telephone and contact information should also be included.

How does the ordering process work?
Our customers submit the quotation form sent by Resisturk, the latest agreed drawing and their order letters by email and signed.

Order letter and drawing confirmations will be sent to our customers within 5 business days.

How does testing process work?
Factory tests are performed as specified in the production plan. If the customer wants to participate in factory tests, he / she has to specify this request during the order. Date planning will be made accordingly. If type tests or special tests are required by the customer, they are also offered and a Testing calendar is created.
How does the shipment process work?
If the shipment will be made by the customer 5 working days in advance Packing list will be sent to the customer. If the shipment is to be done by Resisturk, 5 business days in advance, the shipment permit will be given from the customer and the shipment will done.
How long is the warranty period of products?
2 years unless otherwise stated in the offer stage.
Can custom Cabin designs be made for products?
Cabin designs can be made for each climate condition and for all special areas according to customer demand
Can the delivery times be shortened?
If you send mail to our sales representatives about the urgency of your need, they will be happy to help you.