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Generator Lead Panels
Measurement Panels & Output Cubicles
 Generator measurement cubicles are produced to protect the Generator and equipment in earth faults that may occur in the Generator line. The leads panels and  neutral grounding resistor can be used in separate panels or in the same panel

  • Designed and tested with IEEE 32-1972
  • All stainless steel resistor elements
  • All parts factory assembled.
  • Meets sismic zone 2 requirements
  • Epoxy based electrostatic powder painted hot-dip galvanised or stainless stain enclosure
  • Solid-Steel one-piece top
  • Folklift friendly legs and lifting lugs



Generator Output Cubicle Sample Diagram 

Neutral Grounding Cubicle Sample Diagram


Resisturk™ Neutral ground resistors are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the customers at all voltage and current levels in various applications.
In addition to the standard neutral resistance enclosure, they can also be produced with top entry, bottom entry, side entry, locked door, pedestal and high leg. Besides, Ex-Proof Neutral grounding resistors are also produced specifically for explosive atmospheres according to exproof and Atex standards.
It is enough to send us an email to make an neutral grounding resistance calculation and to get technical information. Resisturk™ team will be honored to help you with all your special project needs.


  • Operation Voltage            : Up to 110kV
  • Rated Current                   : Up to 5000A Single Cabinet
  • Ambient Temperature     : -40 to +55DegC
  • Protection Degree           : IP00 to IP55
  • Resistor Element             : Stainless Steel or SS Alloy
  • Enclosure                          : 2mm hot-dip Galv SS- steel
  • Color                                   : All RAL Colors Avalibe
  • Special Requirements : Ex-Proof / Atex Std. Production Avalibe ,


IEEE 32, IEC60137,  EN10346, ISO129 44, IEC60071, IEC60060, IEC60529,IEC60273, ISO-EN 1461,

Ex-proof Standards:

EX-Proof Neutral Grounding Resistors  are manufacture according to following Eex standards
Eex d – IEC 60 079-1, Eex e – IEC 60 079-7, Eex i -IEC 60 079-11 – Eex q – IEC 60 079-5 , Eex n – IEC 60 079-15

Neutral grounding resistors can be manufactured with many additional options according to the type of application used.

Current Transformer and Voltage Transformer:
Primer or secondary is used for measurement or protection. (can be produced at the desired value).

Grounding relays:
In case of earth fault, DRY Contact outputs according to the setting made. They are connected to the primary or secondary of the NGR’s internal current transformers. They are manufactured integrated in neutral grounding resistance panel, Available at the desired voltage level

Manual and motor disconnectors and Vacuum Contactors:
Primer or secondary, is used to disconnect resistances ground connection. Coil Voltage, Number of contacts determined by customer

Panel Heaters:
They are used to protect the internal panel of resistance against very cold environments. They are produced at the desired voltage level.