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Roller Series Loadbanks
Mobile-Permenant Loadbank Series
Resisturk Roller Series Load banks™; are used in load testing applications to check that products manufactured in the manufacturing industry operate under appropriate conditions.


Resisturk Roller series of Load banks™, respond to different customer needs with many optional features. Single unit from 100kW to 600kW (RollerS-XL), up to 1200kW, 2 units (Roller2XL) are produced. In addition, DC, various voltage levels and Inductive, Capacitive can be custom made.

Main Areas of Use;

  • Generator Tests
  • Transformer Test
  • Dynamo, Alternator Test,
  • UPS Test
  • Redressor Test

Roller Series Loadbanks are produced from 100kW to 1200kW. On very strong main structure, the Roller Series, produced from independent 1-2-3 sections, guarantees long life without interruption with independent cooling between loads. You can choose from S, L and XL  or 2XL models from the Model Selection Table according to the power and step loads that you need.

Enclosure Specifications:

  • Strong, Independed Main Body.
  • Silicone based, Electrostatic Powerder Painted Enclosure
  • Independed and Seperated Section Resistance Blocks
  • Independed and Seperated Cooling Fans Snow Load,
  • Strong Rain Protection Roof (Optional)
  • Indoor and Outdoor Applications

Control and Power Room Specifications:

  • All lockable two section, 3 doors panels.
  • After Connection, Lockable Section For operator security,
  • Wide Widht, Smart Bus-Bar for Easy Cable Connection
  • IP54 Protection Level Control Section   (IP55 Avalibe)
  • Easy Use Operation Panel
  • Wide screen, All Electrical Values shown, Power Analyser.
  • Easy Fault Tracking with Alarm Panel (Optional)

Resistance Unit Specifications:

  • All AISI304 Stainless Steel GRID Resistors
  • CR Alloy TwistWound® Resistors
  • Stainless Steel PipeWound™ Resistors
  • Design that can work at very high ambient temperatures

Connection and Equipment:

  • All control equipment with Allen Bradley branded products; Also in switchgear such as contactor, automatic circuit breaker  Schneider / Siemens branded products are used.
Model-Step SelectIon

By using the model selection table, you can choose which model of the ROLLER series you will need. You need it from the selection guide, select the total load firstly. If you need any of the steps, specify it. The ROLLER series corresponding to the row you selected from the table S, L or XL model is the model you need


Different Voltage Level Usage* (for 400VAC Based) Rollers can be operated at any voltage level below the specified maximum voltage value. Electricity at lower voltages, Please review the change chart. *The internal supply voltage of the load bank corresponds to the different voltages. Confirm with the manufacturer. It is available as an option.


  • Manual On/Off 

The opening and closing of the load steps is done by removing and opening the circuit breakers by the operator. The operator must turn off the circuit breaker switch to disable the loads

  • Light Switch Control 

The opening and closing of the load steps is done by switching the Toggle Light Switches The operator must turn off the Toggle Light Switch Off position to disable the loads


  • Bus Energised Light 

Bus Energised Light – When the input bus-bars of the load bank are energized, warning lamp will be light


  • System Ready Light 

System Active Light When the fans start and system ready, Green lamp will be light


  • Supply Selector Switch 

It allows the supply voltage of the load bank to be selected from the internal or external source.


  • Local / Remote Switch 

This button allows the load to be controlled via the device or remotely by RS485 Controller or DRY Contacts or Wireless Controller.


  • Electrical Parameter Logging RS485 Interface & Software.

Load Tests Performed with a load bank can be used to determine whether all electrical parameters (SCADA etc.) to be displayed simultaneously and to keep their records.

  • All electrical parameters are monitored simultaneously on the computer.
  • Electrical parameters can be recorded simultaneously.
  • With Internet Connection, all data can be viewed simultaneously from the desired location.
  • The Modbus Data Map is supplied with the option.
  • It is easily connected with 2 wired RS485 – MODBUS connection ..
  • RS485 / USB Cable (optional)
  • It includes computer monitoring and recording program.
  • Wireless Remote Controller

Enables the load control of the load bank to be Remotely controlled by a wireless hand control. When the distance between the test object and the Load bank is remote or when the test is performed by a person It is used to work independently from the Load bank in situations.

  • Allows the load step to be deactivated, without going near the Load bank
  • Up to 200m wireless (2km optional)
  • Very small size and portable.
  • It’s very simple to use.
  • Works with 2xAAA or Token-type battery.
  • Remote Step Controller RS485 Modbus RT485M

This module allows the load steps of the load bank to be used remotely via RS485 Modbus Commands. It is used in Load banks used in SCADA or Integrated systems.

  • Easy connection and use.
  • Connection possibility up to 240 usersı
  • It can be addressed remotely or over the device.
  • Internal Supply
  • Alarm Panel

Alarm panel is a panel informing the user of what the fault is, in the case of a failure of the load bank for any reason.

  • Light and Buzz Signal
  • If alarm continues lights contunies blind.
  • Test Signal Buttons
  • Alarm Clear Button
  • Dry Contact Output


Roller XL Modeli – 1150x3400x1020mm – 450kg
Roller L Modeli – 1150x2450x1020mm – 350kg
Roller S Modeli – 1050x1150x1020mm – 160kg






Roller Series has many of custom versions for your special projects

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