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Redressor TestIng System

Redressor TestIng System

Redressor Testing System
Testing Battery Redressor Systems
 Redressor Testing Systems are using produced redressor system’s full load test, load strengh test and discharge tests.


  • The desired current can be apply at wide voltage values.
  • Can test on the computer according to pre-test scenarios.
  • Easy to use. With two cable connections you can start testing immediately. Qualified personnel will remove the need.
  • You can get test parameters as test report.
  • One-touch testing with automatic mode
  • Test possibility by setting current-voltage lower / upper values and duration with manual mode
  • UPS, Battery Redressor Testing
  • Working Voltage                 : 24-48Vdc / 110-220Vdc %30+- (16,8Vdc to 286Vdc)
  • Nominal Current               : 255A
  • Maximum Current            : 330A
  • Resolution                          : 5A, optinal 1A
  • Load Measuremenr Er*   : %10
  • Load Control                      : Automatic Contactor with computer control and manual
  • Supply Voltage                   : 220Vac external supply
  • Input Terminal                   : Socket or Busbar
  • Meters                                 : Current, Voltage
  • Over Current Portection  : Yes
  • Over Voltage Protection  : Yes
  • Emergency Stop                : Yes
  • Control Computer            : Control Computer, Display, Wireless Controller,  Control Software, USB Output, Emergency Stop, Manual Control Switchs.

IEEE 32, IEC60137,  EN10346, ISO129 44, IEC60071, IEC60060, IEC60529,IEC60273, ISO-EN 1461,