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Rack Type Loadbanks
Dummy Load for Data Center's Data Rooms
Rack-type Loadbanks are used to performs the electrical load, capacity and temperature tests of data centers’ data rooms. Rack-type freight banks simulate these devices according to the power and voltage values ​​of the devices to be used in the rack cabinets.


  • Superrior protection with tube insulated resistance
  • Extra insulated with glass/rock wool, temperature room.
  • All stainless steel resistor elements
  • Epoxy based electrostatic powder painted hot-dipped galvanised steel.
  • Carrier handles
  • Can do exactly the same simulation.



After data rooms in Datacenter have been built or any upgrades in data rooms have been done, the suitability of the data room’s cooling capacity and electrical installation should be checked.

While designing data room; the designers determine the electrical and thermal loads of each rack cabin to be placed in the data room, and determine their location. The CFD analyzes of the data room are made according to the design and the cooling and electrical capacities are precisely determined.

When the construction of the data room is completed, the rack-type freight bank with appropriate value of each rack cabinet will be set as specified in CFD analysis. In this way, the designed total electrical power is pulled to determine the adequacy of the electrical infrastructure

Rack type loadbank banks can be produced in the form of “DC, (24V, 48V, 110V) AC; (127V, 220V, 400V)” – “1PN, or 3PN” and With independed steps. The input connections can be “Male / Female IEC 309 5 pin 32A”, “Male / Female IEC 309 5 pin 16A” C13 / C14 Socket, C16 / 17 Socket. PDU capacities are also tried when using C13 Socket.



  • Operation Voltage             : 24V,48,110VDC – 127,220,400VAC
  • Power                                   : Up to 500A DC, 40kW Single Cabinet
  • Blover                                   : -Internal / External Supply
  • Protection                           : Overload, Shortcircuit, Overtemp, Fan,
  • Resistor Element               : Stainless Steel or SS Alloy
  • Enclosure                            : 2mm hot-dip galvanised or SS- steel
  • Color                                     : All RAL Colors Avalibe
  • Special Requirements   : All Special desings avalibe


IEEE 32, IEC60137,  EN10346, ISO129 44, IEC60071, IEC60060, IEC60529,IEC60273, ISO-EN 1461,
Standard Models

Resisturk™ Rack Type Loadbanks


RT6000 – Rack Type Loadbank

                          RT6000 – Rack Type Loadbank

  • Total Power: 6kW (2kW+2kW+2kW)
  • Input Type: C14 Socket
  • Operation Voltage: 230VACx3 (3xC14)
  • Step Resolution: 2x1kW – 2x1kW – 2x1kW
  • Blower: 230VAC Each supplied internal
  • Protection: Overload, OverVoltage, OverTemp,
  • Fit for 19″ – 20″ Cabinet with connection parts.

*All special designs avalibe. Please send email for special requirements